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Apply to change schools in the middle of the school year

The information on these pages is correct at the time it was published. However, it is subject to change in line with any changes to government guidance and legislation.

Parents and carers who wish to change their child’s school in the middle of a school year need to apply to the local authority for their preferred schools.

Please see the list of Bracknell Forest schools to check if the school you wish to apply for is within the Bracknell Forest local authority.

You can find the latest information about the coronavirus pandemic on GOV.UK

EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme application deadline is Wednesday 30 June.

It is crucial that eligible parents apply to the scheme themselves and check whether they need to do so on behalf of their children. Eligible children are required to have an application in their own right and no child of any age is covered by a parent’s application to the EUSS. Find out more about the EU Settlement Scheme on GOV.UK.

Additional application forms

Appeals and transport

If you have been refused a school place than you have the right to appeal against that decision. See reasons for refusal of a school place for further information.

You may also be able to apply for education transport. For further information you should refer to the home to school travel policy.

Moving here from abroad

Overseas nationals entering the UK must confirm that they have the right to abode and that the conditions of their visa permit them to access a state funded school.

By submitting an in-year application form, you are agreeing that you, as the responsible parent or carer for the child, have checked that your child’s visa complies with the above.

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