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Travel plans

A travel plan is a package of measures aimed at promoting greener, cleaner modes of transport and reducing reliance on single occupancy car journeys to or from a particular site.

Workplace travel plans

A travel plan has many benefits for a business in Bracknell Forest including:

  • potential cost savings
  • good PR in the local community
  • reducing demand for car parking spaces
  • improving access for staff, visitors and deliveries
  • increasing productivity from a healthier, more motivated workforce

The following guides are available to help you introduce travel choices at your workplace:

Travel plans required by the planning process

You may be asked to implement a travel plan as part of a planning application. Details of how and when a travel plan is required can be found in the council's Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document.

School travel plans

Nearly all schools in the borough have a travel plan. For more information visit our school travel pages.

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