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Library of core documents

A library of core documents was put together to support the examination process. The documents are listed below.

SAL1, December 2009

Summary of early stakeholder workshop held 2 December 2009

SAL2, January 2010

SADPD Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

SAL3, February 2010

SADPD participation document

SAL4, February 2010

SADPD participation questionnaire and response form

SAL5, February 2010

‘Growing Places’ leaflet

SAL6, 16 February 2010

Executive report relating to participation document

SAL7, March 2010

SADPD participation errata

SAL8, 13 July 2010

Executive report relating to working paper

SAL9, November 2010

SADPD participation – summary of responses document

SAL10, May 2008

Retail Study

SAL11, December 2009

Employment Land Review (ELR)

SAL12, February 2010

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

SAL13, March 2010

Archaeological Site Assessments

SAL14,  April 2010

Strategic Housing Site Options Landscape Capacity Study

SAL15, June 2010

Phase 1 Ecological Surveys

SAL16, July 2010

Draft Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

SAL17, August 2010

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)
SFRA maps

SAL18, October 2010

Bracknell Forest Master Planning Support

SAL19, November 2010

Habitat Regulations Appropriate Assessment 2010

SAL20, November 2010

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) 2010

SAL21a, November 2010

SHLAA Monitoring Report at 31 March 2010

SAL21b, March 2010

SHLAA Monitoring Report at 31 March 2010 re issued March 2011

SAL22, November 2010

Draft Transport Accessibility Assessment

SAL23, 19 October 2010

Executive report for preferred option

SAL24, November 2010

SADPD Preferred Option Background Paper

SAL25, November 2010

SADPD Preferred Option Document

SAL26, November 2010

SADPD Preferred Option Draft Sustainability Appraisal (appendices and associated response form)

SAL27, November 2010

SADPD preferred option response form

SAL28, November 2010

Leaflet (preferred option)

SAL29, November 2010

Urban Extension Profiles (preferred option) Binfield

Urban Extension Profiles (preferred option) Crowthorne

SAL30, November 2010

Frequently asked questions

SAL31, November 2011

SADPD Preferred Option – summary of responses document

SAL32, October 2011

Bracknell Forest Housing Market Assessment (HMA)

SAL33, November 2011

Habitat Regulations Appropriate Assessment 2011

SAL34, November 2011

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) 2011

SAL35, August 2011

Updated landscape analysis

SAL36, October 2011

Market Perspective of Bracknell Forest Borough Office Floorspace

SAL37, November 2011

SHLAA Monitoring Report (SHLAA) (Base date March 2011)

SAL38, June 2011

Bracknell Multi-Modal, Transport Model Development and Validation Report

SAL39, August 2011

Bracknell Multi Modal, Forecast Model Development and Assessment Report

SAL40, October 2011

Bracknell Forest Journey Time Report

SAL41, October 2011

Junction Improvements and Measures Paper

SAL42, November 2011

Draft Strategic and Small Sites Viability Study

SAL43, October 2011

Planning Commitments for Housing at September 2011 (6 month update)


No document assigned to this reference

SAL45, June 2011

Environment, Culture and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel

SAL46, November 2011

Executive report for draft submission document

SAL47, November 2011

Full council report for draft submission document

SAL48, November 2011

SADPD Draft Submission Document

SAL49, November 2011

SADPD Draft Submission Background Paper

SAL50, November 2011

SAL51, November 2011

SADPD Draft Submission Sustainability Appraisal Non-Tech Summary

SAL52, November 2011

SADPD Draft Submission Proposals Map

SAL53, November 2011

SADPD Consultation Statement [Reg 30(1)(d)]

SAL54, November 2011

Draft submission Q and A

SAL55, January 2012

Draft submission SADPD response form

SAL56, January 2012

Draft submission SADPD response form guidance notes

SAL57, January 2012

Availability statement

SAL58, January 2012

Statement of representation procedure

SAL59, January 2012

Statutory press advert

SAL60, January 2012

Non-statutory half page newspaper advert

SAL61, January 2012

Draft submission SADPD summary of background evidence

SAL62, June 2012

SADPD Regulation 22(1)(c) Consultation Statement

SAL63, April 2012

Local Plans & the NPPF Compatibility Self Assessment Checklist

SAL64, June 2012

Schedule of suggested minor changes to Draft Submission SADPD

SAL65, June 2012

Community Infrastructure Levy: Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

SAL66, May 2012

Planning Commitments for Housing at 31 March 2012 (supersedes SAL43)

SAL67, June 2012

Planning Commitments for Employment Uses 31 March 2012

SAL68, June 2012

SHLAA Monitoring Report at 31 March 2012 (supersedes SAL37)


Representations made to Draft Submission Consultation

Available on request

SAL70, June 2012

Consistency with Recent Legislation and the National Planning Policy Framework

SAL71, June 2012

Update on Housing Land Supply

SAL72, June 2012

Transport Issues

SAL73, June 2012

Duty to Co-operate

SAL74, January 2002

Bracknell Forest Borough Local Plan

SAL75, July 2006

Statement of Community Involvement

SAL76, August 2006

ENTEC Study on Landscape and Gaps

SAL77, 2008

Sustainable Community Strategy

SAL78, November 2007

Core Strategy Inspector’s Report

SAL79, February 2008

Core Strategy Development Plan Document

SAL80, July 2007

Limiting the Impact of Development SPD

SAL81, March 2010

Amen Corner SPD

SAL82, March 2010

Character Areas Assessment SPD

SAL83, February 2012

Warfield SPD

SAL84, March 2012

Thames Basin Heaths SPA SPD

SAL85, December 2011

SAL86, August 2011

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