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Minerals and waste

New Minerals and Waste Local Plan

Minerals and waste planning policy is currently under review.

You can find out more on our Joint Minerals and Waste Plan page.

Replacement Minerals Local Plan (adopted May 2001)

This plan was intended to make sure that minerals were extracted at the right pace throughout the period to the end of 2006, and that there are enough planning permissions for mineral extraction at the end of that period for a further 7 years of extraction (to the end of 2013). The plan also contains a number of development management policies.

The relevant documents are:

Waste Local Plan for Berkshire (adopted December 1998)

This covered the period to 2006. Its policies control different types of waste management development and make sure that waste development is in the least environmentally sensitive locations. They also secure waste minimisation and recycling in new development.

The relevant documents are:

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