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Planning enforcement and breaches

What is a breach of planning control?

A breach of planning control can occur when:

  • work that requires planning permission has been undertaken but that permission has not been obtained or it has been refused
  • conditions attached to planning permission have not been complied with
  • advertisements have been installed without obtaining express permission
  • unauthorised work has been done to protected trees
  • unauthorised work has been done to listed buildings

Why planning enforcement is important

We expect land owners and developers to comply with planning legislation and not carry out development until the necessary planning permission has been obtained.

If development were allowed to occur unchecked without planning control (enforcement) then in effect anything could be built without due regard to the amenity of residents or the importance of significant buildings and trees in any location.

What the local planning authority can do if there is a breach of planning control

If development takes place without permission we have a range of powers available to establish whether a breach of planning control has taken place, including the issue of a planning contravention notice.

We will examine any harm caused by the breach and determine any appropriate action to remedy that harm. We may issue an enforcement notice.

Our approach to planning enforcement is set out in our local enforcement plan.

PDF iconPlanning - local enforcement plan699.02 KB

Out-of-hours arrangements for bank holiday weekends

We have arrangements in place to make sure that we can take action over extended weekends to deal with those who deliberately seek to exploit such times to carry out unauthorised developments.

If you are aware of activities such as building demolition, felling of protected trees or installation of mobile homes, which you believe do not have planning permission or tree preservation order consent, please contact Forestcare on 01344 786500.

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