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Follow-up pre-application for developers

Submission of a follow-up pre-application enquiry

When you receive our response to your pre-application enquiry you may wish to follow up on the advice given. You can do this by providing us with any new or revised information within 12 weeks of the date of the initial enquiry response letter.

When submitting any further information you will need to state the original enquiry reference number and that it is a follow-up pre-application. A reduced fee is applicable. Any follow-ups that are outside the 12-week time frame will necessitate a fresh pre-application enquiry and accompanying fee.

These follow-up pre-application enquiries will be given a new reference number and you will be informed of this in writing. If it is necessary for a meeting to take place to discuss your follow-up enquiry a fee will be payable.

Follow-up meeting

If you do not want to submit a follow-up enquiry but do wish to meet with the officer to discuss the content of the response letter, a meeting can be arranged with the case officer. The fee for this is £131 per hour with one officer. Please contact the case officer to arrange the meeting.

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