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Types of work suitable for building notices

This method of application is suitable for most small domestic work, such as the installation of a bathroom or minor internal alterations to a domestic property.

It is not acceptable for applications covering commercial or public environments.

The building notice route is the alternative to the full plans route. However it is more risky than using the full plans process.

The building notice procedure is especially suitable for the following types of building work:

  • minor internal alterations to domestic property such as the removal of one or two walls or a chimney breast
  • small single storey domestic extensions using standard forms of construction
  • conversion of a garage or similar outbuilding into living accommodation
  • detached outbuildings to which the regulations apply
  • new chimneys or flues
  • installation of boilers or other heating appliances - where the work is being carried out by an installer registered with an appropriate, government-approved Competent Persons Scheme no formal application will be needed
  • electrical works to dwellings or associated outbuildings and garden areas - where the work is being carried out by an installer registered with an appropriate, government approved Competent Persons Scheme, no formal application will be needed
  • the provision of a new bathroom, shower or WC
  • replacement of roof covering material
  • underpinning of foundations
  • installation of insulation material in an existing cavity wall

The fundamental difference between this type of application and the full plans application is that this route does not require the submission of detailed plans.

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