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Savernake Park

Notice of works at Savernake Park

In October we started work at Savernake Park that will improve the site for visitors and wildlife.

The improvement project is set to run over the coming weeks, with the work planned outlined in the table below.

During this time, areas of the site will be temporarily closed to maintain public safety.


  • do not cross any safety barriers or tape
  • keep dogs on a lead
  • keep away from any machinery, tools or equipment
  • be extra vigilant if you are visiting with children

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Work completed


Cleaning silt traps

Increases the pond’s capacity and effectiveness in controlling water and improve water quality.

New pond plants in the margins and shallows

Improves water quality by filtering it and increasing oxygen levels and provide a home for fish, reptiles and amphibians.

New natural coir planting around the pond margins

Helps to stabilise the pond mud banks and prevent further erosion.

Newly planted heathland areas

Provides a more pleasant environment and a new habitat for species including insects, reptiles and birds.

Woodland enhancement works

Provides a more pleasant environment and an improved home for woodland wildlife such as, bullfinches, stag beetles and bats.

About Savernake Park

Carved acorns at Savernake Park

Situated in the parish of Winkfield in the neighbourhood of Crown Wood, Savernake Park is a 6.5 hectare (16.1 acre) open space of public value which consists of a balancing pond, a play area and surrounding mixed woodland.

Savernake Park takes its name from Savernake Forest in Wiltshire, renowned for its stately, mile-long avenue of beech trees. It is likely that the site used to be part of the Great Windsor Forest, a vast expanse of royal hunting forest going back to the times of the Doomsday Book.


Some facilities and features of Savernake Park are:

  • a site car park 
  • surfaced paths and gentle slopes enabling wheelchair access
  • surfaced paths and a shared footpath/cycleway linking it with Allsmoor Lane and beyond
  • seats placed at intervals on the banks of the pond
  • a popular play area available for toddlers and seniors
  • a large grassed area for picnicking and ball games
  • the woodland east of the site is designated a Local Wildlife Site
  • a balancing pond owned and managed by Thames Water, which excess water during times of heavy rainfall
  • interpretive sculptures of a deer, mushrooms and seeds located throughout the site

How to get to Savernake Park

By car

The car park is at the junction of Savernake Way and Mendip Road. The post code is RG12 0UX.

By foot or bike

Access by foot or cycle can also be gained at various locations throughout the site including pedestrian and cyclist access from Hythe Close, The Warren and New Forest Ride.

The site connects well with the cycle network around the eastern side of Bracknell.


what3words address refers to a 3 metre square location. Select the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it:

Park management

In the 1990s Savernake Park was adopted by Bracknell Forest Council who now manage the site for recreation and wildlife.


Wildlife such as noctule bats and fungi can be found in the woodland east of the site, which is designated a Local Wildlife Site. The balancing pond contains a good stock of fish and is home to an assortment of waterfowl including ducks, geese and moorhens.