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The latest edition of Town & Country - our newspaper for residents - is now being delivered to households across the borough.

You can also read Town & Country online.

Update on Brants Bridge walk-in centre

Brants Bridge in Bracknell will continue to be suspended for another 3 months.

Patients requiring minor illness care can access their local pharmacy or contact 111.

bread rolls, rolling down a hill with smiley faces

Food waste collections postponed to March 2021

The council’s decision-making Executive has agreed to postpone the introduction of weekly food waste collections due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Collections will begin in March 2021 for houses.

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Coronavirus phone survey

This month we will be asking 1,800 residents about their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic through a phone survey.

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Update on COVID-19 cases

Specialists from Public Health England South East are providing expert advice and support to Martins Heron Tesco, following a small number of cases of COVID-19.

We have an outbreak control plan in place which is now activated.

a swing in a playground

Playgrounds re-open from Saturday 4 July

We are re-opening many of our outdoor playgrounds on a trial basis, in response to a further relaxing of the government’s lockdown measures.

The Look Out play area remains closed as this needs extra measures to be put in place.