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Warning of a loft insulation scam operating locally

Warning sign displaying the word scam

The Public Protection Partnership has been made aware of residents in Bracknell, Sandhurst and Crowthorne, particularly those that are retired, being targeted for spray loft works at the cost of several thousand pounds, typically £4,000.

The phone calls are blinding the residents with false information regarding pathogens, glass fibre, condensation and damp problems in the loft potentially affecting the health of those living in there. The company are very persistent and pushy trying to get a survey. The phone numbers given relate to a Reading number (01184).

The Public Protection Partnership would like to remind residents to never agree for any work to be undertaken in your home from a cold call or someone knocking at your door. If you receive such a call, or visit, do not agree to any work or give out any further details about you, your home or your bank account.

Residents should:

  • remain vigilant and protect others, especially elderly family and friends, who are often the target of such scams
  • never respond to unsolicited telephone calls, mail shots, text messages or door-to-door selling. By responding to this unsolicited contact, victims are likely to be put onto a mailing list and have their information sold to other scammers
  • discuss and share this scam with others you know

Report contact of this nature to:

Citizens Advice Consumer Service – 03454 04 05 06


Action Fraud UK - 0300 123 2040