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Responder Service agreement and terms and conditions

Services provided by Forestcare

Forestcare (the council) will provide the following services:

By signing up to the Responder Service you are consenting to Forestcare providing you with personal care.

Supply and install their lifeline community alarm unit. This is connected to the Forestcare control centre which provides an emergency monitoring service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

In the event of an emergency call being received, Forestcare will attend emergency care calls or contact the appropriate emergency service as deemed appropriate.

If there is nobody available/able to give access (where we are the key holder) we will use the key safe to gain entry to the property. If we cannot gain entry we will inform the Police and ask for a welfare check.

We do not authorise forced entry. We can only ask the Police to carry out a welfare check and act as they see fit.

In the event of a non-emergency call being received Forestcare will try to resolve the query as far as this is reasonably practicable but reserve the right not to attend.

Forestcare may decide that no one should be notified of a call to us if the client themselves or the circumstances of the call lead Forestcare to believe that:

  • the client’s call was made in error
  • the client’s call was an inappropriate use of the system
  • the client was not in danger or distress and did not require assistance

Forestcare may override the client’s wishes if the operator considers that it is in the client’s best interests to do so and may make contact with whoever is most appropriate.

Forestcare shares information with other appropriate agencies such as Social Services, Health, and the Emergency Services where they reasonably believe that this is in the interests of the client’s wellbeing. This includes passing details to the Fire Service for them to carry out a Fire Safety check. The client gives permission for Forestcare to disclose their personal data for this purpose.

In the event of any suspected or reported abuse to our client of a physical, sexual, psychological, financial, discriminatory nature or act of neglect we will tell the relevant authorities immediately following our own safeguarding procedures.

We do not provide Medication.

We do not assist with Medical/intrusive needs that we deem should be carried out by a medical professional. We reserve the right to refer calls to district nurses/ambulance.

The client's responsibilities

The client must:

Participate in a support plan prior to calls being received and participate in this being updated at least annually or as required.

Call for emergency care only. The service is not intended to replace what would usually be undertaken by mainstream care companies or to be used as an alternative to a care provider providing a double up member of staff.

Use the equipment for contacting Forestcare when assistance is required in an emergency, for example, ill-health, accident, home care request or other genuine emergency.

Allow the council to respond to emergency calls in such a manner as the council considers appropriate which may include calling the police for a welfare check in the event of no answer or means of entry. Any subsequent repair costs will be the client’s responsibility.

Test the lifeline pendant on a monthly basis so that we know it is working.

Allow and maintain access at all reasonable times for the servicing, repair or testing of equipment by authorised personnel or to disconnect and de-programme equipment following the termination of the Agreement.

Pay the agreed call out charge when call allowances have been exceeded. Customers can receive one which can be accumulated but not used in advance. There is an option to upgrade to 2 calls per month.

Provide the up to date personal information necessary to provide the service. We need to know of any changes to the client’s health, medication, key holders, key safe number, next of kin information, or if they move to a new address. 

Tell Forestcare of any prolonged periods of absence from the premises.

Consent to all calls being voice recorded and your personal data being collected, input and stored (processed).

What the council will not do

The council will not:

Provide 2 members of staff to attend a call unless previously deemed necessary at in initial assessment. This will incur charges at 50% of the usual extra call out fee. The council reserve the right to call an ambulance should one person not be able to safely help a customer.

Be used as planned care to support existing care packages, such as providing assistance to double up’s.

Administer medication or participate in tasks which should be undertaken by a medical professional.

Accept responsibility for any failure on the part of any individual, helping agency or agencies contacted to obtain or give appropriate help or assistance.

Guarantee to use its own resources to respond to an emergency call in the event of the client’s own contact being unavailable although it may endeavour to do so, circumstances permitting.

Be liable for any deficiency in the service resulting from circumstances beyond its control. For example breakdown in the telephone service, electricity supply, misuse, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes.

Guarantee that the emergency call will be dealt with within a specific period of time from the acceptance call, although making sure it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a speedy and efficient response to every call.

Will not arrange for a forced entry to take place and will not take responsibility for repairs to the property or making safe following the Police forcing entry where they deem appropriate.

Termination and variations of the agreement

At any time in the 21 day period from the date of commencement this agreement may be ended by the client. The client should express the wish to cancel in writing or by email. Should the agreement be cancelled within the first 21 days, a fee of £45 will be charged for each support plan undertaken.

Following the 21 day period referred to above, the agreement may be ended by either party giving to the other no less than 2-weeks notice. If the agreement has been in place for more than 21 days but less than 3 months a full quarter’s charge is payable.

On rare occasions the council may end the agreement due to abuse or inappropriate use of the system or non-payment of invoices. The council will keep the client fully informed of its decision and tell any interested parties such as Social Services and family members.

The charges are reviewed each year in April and you will be told in writing of any changes. There may also be a change in costs if you buy extra services from us or individual sensors are added or removed.

More information

Please note that by signing this agreement you are consenting to all calls being recorded for quality assurance and monitoring purposes and to data being supplied by you being processed by Forestcare.

The council maintains the right to sub-contract delivery of its service.

The fee payable is for each individual person. The Responder Service is not intended for dual use by couples as an individual support plan. A risk assessment is required.

Personal data

All personal data provided for the purposes of this agreement are collected and handled in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and when no longer required will be disposed of in a secure manner.

More information about how to access your personal data is on our GDPR and the Data Protection Act page.

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