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Exam registration and certification policy

Learners are registered for exams after their induction session for a course. They receive certificates upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements.

The learner must check that all personal details are correct on their enrolment form as this information is used by the exam board for formal registration. Any problems, questions or queries should be raised with the Exams Officer as soon as noticed, to make sure reasonable time to resolve any issue.

The Level 2 Entitlement scheme applies to English and Maths whereby learners can enrol on courses to make sure they meet a level 2 qualification. These courses are subsidised and are either free or offered at a reduced cost.

Course fees are stated in the brochure and must be paid before enrolment. All fees include exam registration and certificate fees, unless a duplicate certificate is required. If a duplicate certificate is required, this must be paid for by the learner, unless the fault lies with Community Learning.

Examination dates are confirmed once learners have been enrolled. The Exams Officer will communicate the exam dates to the course tutor, who will then inform the learners.

The course tutor will make sure learners are prepared and ready for examinations. The tutor will also remind learners of the upcoming dates at least one week before.

Learners are responsible for making sure they are on time on the day of the exam, and are familiar with exam room etiquette.

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