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People Directorate service plan - 2021 to 2022

The People Directorate services cover some of most critical safeguarding, support and education services in Bracknell Forest.

Our services


Budget position

Revenue budget

For the department, the 2021 to 2022 cash budget is £61.278 million.

The gross budget is higher than this as there are government grants that fund significant amounts of expenditure, most notably:

  • schools budget at £109.240 million
  • housing benefits at £22.367 million 
  • public health at £4.213 million


The 2021 to 2022 budgets include savings of £1.190 million. The key themes adopted in making the savings were:

  • reduction of adult’s and children's’ placement costs by £0.792 million through transformation
  • continued focus on making sure Forestcare generates sufficient income to cover non-statutory costs £0.095 million
  • a number of smaller savings such as releasing surplus budgets and renegotiating contracts that together total £0.303 million

Capital budget

The capital budget for 2021 to 2022 is £2.935 million which primarily relates to maintenance and improvements to school buildings.

This budget will increase when carry forwards from the prior year and external funding are confirmed. One such carry forward is the Heathlands 66-bed care home development which has a budget of £10.714 million with construction in progress but due to complete in the financial year.

The Disabled Facilities Grant is yet to be confirmed and is excluded from the capital budget figure above, but in 2021 to 2022 it had a value of £0.853 million and the carry forward is forecast to be £0.345 million, giving a total likely budget of £1.198 million.


The budget includes pressures of £2.278 million. These pressures can be analysed into the following broad categories:

  • pressure on both children and adults social care package and other support costs of £1.238 million
  • staffing pressures of £0.666 million
  • one-off pressure of £0.200 million in respect of emergency accommodation at Sandhurst Secondary school
  • other non-staff pressures including reduced income and reductions in grant funding of £0.174 million