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Central Directorate service plan - 2021 to 2022

The Central Directorates includes 3 departments.

Our services

Place, Planning and Regeneration

Led by Andrew Hunter - Director

Protect, enhance, regenerate and enable the development of the built and natural environment within Bracknell Forest for the benefit of residents, workers, businesses and visitors. Alongside this, we seek to enhance the public health of our residents through all aspects of the councils work.

We will do this by:

Delivering services that enhance public health outcomes and bring forward the right forms of development and supporting infrastructure, whilst protecting our valued open spaces, countryside and other natural assets.


Led by Stuart McKellar - Director

Develop and deliver clear financial and people strategies and approaches that support delivery of the Council Plan objectives and enable other service areas to deliver their priorities effectively and efficiently.

We will do this by:

Providing a wide range of services, shaped by the needs of our internal and external customers. We will ensure that the council’s finances are effectively managed. We will provide timely financial advice and financial monitoring. We will help create a sustainable, high performing workforce, supported by excellent managers and leaders.

Chief Executive’s Office

Led by Abby Thomas - Assistant Director

Deliver corporate communications and safeguard the organisation’s reputation. We support business change to make significant savings. We coordinate the development of the Council’s strategic plan, corporate policy and performance management framework and take action to maintain community cohesion, advance equalities and support community engagement.

We will do this by:

By enabling the delivery of a portfolio of change programmes and by working with partners on cohesion, equality and community engagement and by delivering clear, compelling and accurate communications.


Budget position

Revenue budget

For the department, the gross expenditure cash budget is £21.168 million with £-6.315 million of income, making a planned net spend of £14.853 million. The gross budget includes £10.975 million for staffing.


The 2021 to 2022 budgets include savings of £0.779 million. The key themes adopted in making the savings were:

  • additional income of £0.064 million as a number of services are exceeding their income targets or identifying new opportunities for income generation
  • reducing service budgets where levels of demand have decreased or service will be reduced will save £0.119 million
  • use of one off surplus in reserves to support services over a ten year period £0.213 million
  • staffing reductions £0.385 million

Capital budget

The 2021 to 2022 capital programme for the central directorates totalled £6.671 million, the majority of which is in the Place, Planning and Regeneration Directorate and most notably includes sums for the A3095 improvements (£2.8 million and highway maintenance (£1.369 million). This budget will increase when carry forwards from the prior year are confirmed. The most significant carry forward is for the A3095 improvement works.

Financial risks

The department has identified the following as budgets that can pose a risk to the council’s overall financial position, principally because they are vulnerable to significant changes in demand for a service. The budget shown is for income only.

Table showing financial risks

Service area

Budget (£000)


Development Control


Income is dependent on planning applications within the borough.

The Look Out


The impact of COVID-19 has been significant on The Look Out and its ability to generate income.