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Delivery directorate quarterly service report - budget position

Revenue budget

The original cash budget for the department was £15.550 million. Net transfers of £-0.233 million have been made bringing the current approved cash budget to £15.317 million. A detailed analysis of the budget changes in this quarter will be available soon.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have now included our best-case and worst-case predictions for budget pressures. These are included within ‘variances’ in the document below. 

There are 6 variances to report in this quarters monitoring.

The department has identified the following as budgets that can pose a risk to the council’s overall financial position, principally because they are vulnerable to significant changes in demand for a service.

The current position with regard to these is as follows:

Table showing budget concerns

Service Area

Budget (£000)

Forecast outturn - best case (£000)

Forecast outturn - worst case (£000)


Commercial Property




Increased voids and void periods resulting in reduced income.

Capital budget

The total approved capital budget for the year is £4.641 million. Expenditure to date is £2.219 million representing 48.09% of the budget. The department anticipates 1.24% (£0.028 million) to be carried forward into the next financial year. 

A detailed list of schemes together with their approved budget and forecast spend will be available soon.