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Governance and Audit Committee profile

Role of committee

The role of the committee is to consider and advise or determine matters relating to:

  • internal and external audit
  • risk management
  • the council’s governance including the constitution
  • accounts
  • the standards framework

Membership of committee

This committee is appointed by the Council. There are 8 elected members.

Why be on this committee?

As an elected member, you may want to join this committee if you:

  • want to make sure that the council has a robust and effective governance framework which delivers compliance with our requirements
  • believe we should quickly identify, rectify and learn from any breaches
  • are committed to continuous improvement and learning
  • have attention to detail and a drive to get to root causes

Key meeting details

Number of meetings

There are 5 meetings a year.

Day and time

The usual meeting day is Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Other expectations

If you join this committee, training will be arranged as part of the induction programme to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of the committee.

Special payments for Chairman

There is a special payment of £2201 for the Chairman.

Contact information

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