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Dismissal Appeals Panel profile

This panel is a sub-committee of the Employment Committee.

Role of panel

The role of this panel is to deal with all appeals lodged within the provisions of the local disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Membership of panel

This panel is appointed by the Employment Committee.

There are 3 members from the Employment Committee.

Why be on this panel?

As an elected member, you may want to join this panel if you:

  • have a desire to support colleagues and the council in maintaining high behavioural standards
  • can make sure standards are fairly and consistently applied
  • can be objective and open minded
  • are comfortable dealing with confidential data and making decisions about members of staff

Key meeting details

Number of meetings

This panel meets as required.

Other expectations

If you join this panel, training will be arranged as part of the induction programme to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of the committee.

Special payments for Chairman

There is no special payment for being Chairman.

Contact information

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