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Appeals Committee profile

Role of committee

The role of this committee is to determine appeals against officer decisions for refusal of home to school transport.

Membership of committee

This committee is appointed by the Council. There are 5 elected members.

Why be on this committee?

As an elected member, you may want to join this committee if you:

  • have an open minded, calm approach
  • have the ability to interpret and apply regulations fairly and consistently
  • are able to demonstrate evidence-based decision making

Key meeting details

Number of meetings

There are 8 meetings a year.

Day and time

The usual meeting day is Monday at 9am.

Other expectations

As part of our induction programme we provide training to new committee members to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of the Appeals Committee, as well as the specific process for hearings.

Special payments for Chairman

There is no special payment for being Chairman.

Contact information

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