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Deputy Mayor

These responsibilities are in addition to those listed in the Mayor role profile.


The purpose of the Deputy Mayor is to:

  • deputise for the Mayor when they are unable to chair a council meeting or attend a designated event

Key roles and responsibilities

The key roles and responsibilities of the Deputy Mayor are to:

  • carry out engagements on behalf of the Mayor, at the Mayor’s request
  • attend pre-council briefing meetings with the Mayor and relevant officers
  • sign documents for sealing on behalf of the council in the absence of the Mayor
  • preside over meetings (in the Mayor's absence) of the Full Council fairly and impartially so that its business is carried out efficiently and with regard to the rights of councillors and the interest of the community
  • understand the Deputy Mayor’s role in the constitutional arrangements relating to the waiving of call-in when decisions are urgent and the taking of decisions on the grounds of urgency if they are not on the forward plan or are outside the budget and policy framework
  • encourage the highest standards of behaviour and probity

Key skills and knowledge

The key skills and knowledge required of the Mayor are:

  • a detailed knowledge of the role of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • a detailed knowledge of the Deputy Mayor’s role in the constitutional arrangements relating to the taking of urgent decisions and the waiving of call-in
  • the skills and knowledge expected of the Mayor as set out in the Mayor’s role profile

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