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These responsibilities are in addition to those listed in the Councillor role profile.


The purpose of the Champion is to:

  • act as a positive focus for the local community at elected Member level in respect of the relevant section of the community or range of activities designated by the council so as to make sure that full consideration is given to the impact of council activities and decisions upon the section of community or range of activities

Key duties and responsibilities

The key duties and responsibilities of the Champion are to:

  • make contact with local organisations concerned with the designated section of the community or range of activities and to establish effective and regular consultation arrangements with those organisations
  • represent the views of such organisations to officers, the council, the Executive, Overview and Scrutiny Panels and other committees on all relevant aspects of the council's activities
  • act as an advocate on behalf of the relevant section of the community or range of activities within the council as an organisation and to the wider community
  • become familiar with the needs and priorities of the relevant section of the community or range of activities concerned and to weigh up interests expressed in order to provide sound advice on the implications of alternative courses of action
  • feedback decisions of the council and to explain the council's position on specific issues of concern to relevant organisations and to individuals involved
  • publish an annual report on work undertaken over each year for consideration by the council
  • appoint Panels to support their work where this would not overlap with other established liaison or consultative mechanisms, in line with the requirements of the council’s constitution

Key skills

The key skills required of the Champion are:

  • the ability to foster cross-party co-operation and to engage with relevant outside groups and officers
  • the ability to campaign with enthusiasm and persistence on behalf of their relevant section of community
  • good communication skills
  • good presentation and public speaking skills
  • good media skills


The key knowledge required of the Champion are:

  • up to date knowledge of the issues of concern to the relevant section of the community

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