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Your actions as a councillor mean you can make a huge difference to the quality of life for people in your local area. You can stand for what you believe in, whilst supporting local residents and delivering change for the better in your community.

We recognise that there is no ‘one best way’ to be a councillor. You may approach your role in a very different way from your colleagues but there is a recognised set of 6 core skills:

  • local leadership
  • partnership working
  • communication skills
  • political understanding
  • scrutiny and challenge
  • regulating and monitoring

Depending on your specific role as a councillor, the circumstances and contexts within which you apply these skills may vary but the core skill areas will remain relevant for everyone.

Member Services provides a wide range of support to help you quickly become informed and effective, and then help you to continually develop your skills and knowledge throughout your time as a councillor.

Here is an overview of what we offer to support you:

IT support

You will have access to a computer and other equipment, depending on your role. There are different equipment options available.

Member development

We provide a full member development programme.

Committee details

Find information on non-executive committee roles.

External organisations

The council will nominate representatives to external organisations in a non-management capacity with no role in the governance of the organisation. The representatives will act as conduits for communication between the council and the organisation or will attend as an observer at its meetings. The council’s representative may not accept a role on the organisation’s board as a Trustee/Director or in any other management capacity such as Treasurer.

For information the types of organisations, please see the document below.

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