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Building control service updates

Building site inspections

Any request for our surveyors to attend sites is being risk assessed.

We will decide whether an assessment can done remotely or by using alternative evidence using the best technology available to share information.

If an on-site inspection is unavoidable, our staff will follow government and council guidance to safeguard their health and safety.

You should continue to contact our office to request inspections as normal, at the stages of work listed, and we will call you back to discuss how best to assess your project.

Safety of our customers and staff

When physical on-site inspections are undertaken please note that:

  • any construction staff are asked to wait in their vehicles during our surveyor’s inspection
  • any occupants in the building at the time should remain in the building - if our surveyor needs to discuss any elements of the project, they will approach you
  • you should remain in your vehicle or property at all times during the inspection unless requested to view the work with the surveyor, at which point you should observe the current 2 meter distancing requirement - a minimum of 2m distance must always be maintained between surveyors and customers
  • your surveyor may contact you ahead of the inspection to check the site is clear and may refuse to enter the site if it is not
  • our surveyors are not permitted to conduct physical site inspections for elements of construction which would require our surveyors to enter a building, touch surfaces or climb ladders
  • clear access should be provided to the element to be inspected - our surveyors are not permitted to pass through elements of a building or enclosed space to gain access, such as to a garage or a covered way
  • the access route should be clear of obstructions such as skips or tools which may force our surveyors to come in to contact with objects

When any of the above criteria cannot be met, we may use alternative methods to assess compliance such as requesting photographic evidence, reports or using video conferencing.

Repeat failure to observe social distancing on-site will result in a forfeit of your inspection booking. Should this happen, works on site will be required to stop on that day and your surveyor will return the following day to reinspect. The site should remain vacated of all occupants and site personnel until your surveyor has contacted you to confirm the inspection has taken place and it is safe to return to site. Breaching of the 2 meter social distancing requirement will not be tolerated.

Your surveyor has absolute discretion for their safety on site and failure to make sure your work is inspected may result in our office being unable to issue a Completion Certificate.

Your inspection request

It is important that you still notify us of your inspection request so that we can record it and make an appropriate assessment. Failure to notify us may lead to legal action.

If you are requested to send photographs, please send them to

Our mailbox is limited to 30Mb so you may need to send multiple emails. Sending photographic evidence does not imply approval and you should seek approval from your building control surveyor after submitting the photographs.

Construction and building works may continue

The government has not ordered construction sites to close. Construction work may continue, as long as government guidance is followed. This includes industry specific guidance, which supports safe distancing where at all possible. It also includes the broader restrictions placed on social interaction, which applies to everyone.

This also applies to building works in private homes.

Noise from building works

We do understand that more people are working from home.

Please bear in mind that building works are allowed to take place:

  • Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm
  • Saturday between 9am to 1pm

A reasonable level of site generated noise, dust and odours may occur during work.

If works are taking place outside of these times, or the work is generating an excessive noise, please contact our Environmental Health Team

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