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Final decision on removal and retention of payphones

In April 2021, we were informed that BT wanted to remove a further 7 payphones in Bracknell Forest.

BT informed us that the payphones were not being used sufficiently. BT displayed a public notice in each payphone affected, giving the public 42 days to comment.

The consultation was also advertised in the weekly list of applications circulated to all town and parish councils and members. Immediate neighbours were informed by letter.

BT has a 'Universal Service Obligation' to provide adequate coverage of public payphones. In recent years the needs of consumers have changed drastically with the increase in mobile phone ownership. Revenue from telephone boxes decreased by nearly half between 2000 and 2006 and BT states that 6 out of 10 are actually losing money.

In 2005, the Office of Communications completed a review of the provision of public telephone boxes in the UK. They then agreed a new set of rules which BT must follow if it wishes to remove the only telephone box in a local area. The rules give local authorities a veto on such removals, although BT has the right of appeal. More information about the process of removing payphones can be found on the Ofcom website.

After a consultation about a proposed payphone removal, the council has to make 2 formal notifications about its decision. This is the second notification.

Final decision

The council agreed with 6 of the payphone removals and a seventh proposal was withdrawn by BT.

The following information summarises the council's initial recommendation to BT. This forms Schedule A of the ‘First Notification’ on the removal of the proposed payphones. This is based on a variety of factors, including consultation responses.



BT withdrew the following payphone from the consultation.

Phone number: 01344 487085

Address: JCN Crown Row, PCO3 Opladen Way, Bracknell, RG12 0PE

Average calls per month: 1