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Bracknell Forest Safety Advisory Group

Events come in all shapes and sizes. Each event will have its own complex issues. The Bracknell Forest Safety Advisory Group provides event organisers with guidance and advice, to help make sure the event is safe for all those who attend.

As an event organiser you are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of people attending as well as that of employees, traders and contractors working at the event.

Any size of event can be considered, big or small. You should give the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) as much notice as possible, however as a minimum, you should allow 12 weeks prior the event.

What the SAG does

Representatives of the group will use their professional judgment to consider the proposed event and they can help assess the risks involved. The group consists of representatives from the police, fire, ambulance and local authority. You may well be invited to present your proposals before the group, which meets each month.

The SAG will consider plans and offer guidance and advice. It is not the role of the SAG to adopt any of the liabilities of the organiser. If you are in any doubt as to your legal responsibilities, you should seek legal advice.

There is no charge for advice provided by the SAG.

Refer your event to the SAG

For events with fewer than 500 attendees, please fill in the short event form. For events with more than 500 attendees, it is recommended that you use the more detailed form which can be found in the SAG's 'Guide to Event Organisers'.

Submit the form well in advance

A large event can take 12 months of planning from the initial concept to the event being staged. You should give the SAG as much notice as possible, and as a minimum you should aim to submit the form at least 8 weeks prior to the event.

Prior to submitting the form, we would recommend you consider the following:

  • has a plan or timetable been agreed?
  • have you identified a team of people to help with the organising and running of the event, who will accept joint responsibility for event safety?
  • do you have a realistic and achievable budget?
  • how many people do you hope to attract?
  • what activities will take place?
  • have you carried out a risk assessment for the event?
  • do you have adequate insurance for the event?

Next steps

The SAG will consider the information you have provided. They may ask you a number of questions before giving you advice. You may be invited to present your proposals before the group, which meets on a monthly basis. Advice or feedback will then be provided from the group, normally through a single point of contact, to whom any further queries should be directed.

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