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A bespoke granite columbarium (sanctum) area reserved for the interment of cremated remains. The Braccan Heal (this was the Saxon name for Bracknell) Garden has been developed to provide a pleasant, lasting resting place for your loved one. The sanctum is large enough to securely accept 1 standard sized casket or 2 polytainers.

Sanctum vaults are made from a honeycomb coloured polished granite and include a gold-topped vase for cut flowers. The granite plaques on the front are suitable for a wide range of design options and lettering. The plaques can include a photo or design of your choice from our catalogue or we can work with you to design something individual.

Key information

Location: Braccan Heal Garden

Grant: annual

Types of sanctums

Family sanctum

The Family Sanctums are located in our Braccan Heal Lawn area. They can take up to 2 caskets (depending on size) and 4 polytainers. An area of 18 inches in front of the Sanctum unit may be used for planting or flowers if you wish


This option is currently unavailable.

Sanctum units

Sanctum units

A private sanctum for cremated remains stands above ground and is located in our popular Braccan Heal Garden. Each sanctum is designed to accommodate one casket or two polytainers. A flower vase is provided for the placement of cut flowers. No other items or flowers may be placed on or around the sanctum.


Table showing prices for a sanctum unit.



Initial setup, installation and first year's grant


Renewal of grant for 1 year


Additional inscription - per letter


Second and final interment (including 50 letters)


Photo plaques

Table showing prices for photo plaques.



Photo plaque (7 x 5) - with initial order


Photo plaque (7 x 5) - added to existing tablet


How to order

Please contact us if you would like to order a sanctum.

Contact information

Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium

Phone: 01344 420314

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